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Hi, I'm Helen, and I'm a Knit-o-holic

I am a British knitter currently transitioning into writing my own patterns and developing my own designs, alongside my husband James who does all my knitting photography, illustration, web design, and also a bit of pattern conception.

I started knitting in 2008, but really got the bug in knitting 12 sweaters in 2012 and have kept momentum up ever since. Every year I set challenges to broaden my knitting knowledge and in 2014 the goal was to start designing patterns with James.

We have two cats who seem to enjoy getting involved in the process - Mischief and Smudge, I'm sure you'll find them "helping" in various photos over the years!

Personal Challenges

2015 : Design, knit and publish a mini collection (min. 4 items incl. a dress)
2015 : Run a 10k race - complete, we raised over £1,150 for Jessie May!

2014 : Learn how to use my knitting machine (Brother KH830) - complete-ish
2014 : Finally knit a dress (probably on the machine) - not complete
2014 : Design and publish my own pattern - complete

2013 : Design and knit a dress suitable to wear to weddings - not complete
2013 : Knit with beads - complete
2013 : Knit the perfect cardigan - complete

2012 : Knit 12 Sweaters in 2012 - complete
2012 Discovery : I love test knitting!