Drift by tincanknits

So this is a blanket I finished a long time ago for a test knit, but I couldn’t post the pictures in case the recipient saw them! This was a Christmas/House warming present. As soon as I saw a picture of the shawl (from the same pattern) I knew I had to make this blanket and I thought that beige was the right colour to go with her new living room and sofa, I didn’t really want to add any extra colours, but didn’t want to keep to the brown/red/beige theme because I thought I’d struggle to match the colours exactly!

Yarn: Wendy aran with wool, washable but I would hand wash I think! I had issues getting it to lie flat, just blocking didn’t work, in the end Mum and I ironed it into submission!

Needles - 6mm (had to get larger circular needles than ever before to complete it!)

Modifications: made it a bit bigger by accident by repeating a section, but that was good since it was a bit small before I did that!

I really want to knit the shawl version of this one day, but it’ll have to wait since I have a bit of a queue now :D

Drift by tincanknits
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Wendy Aran with Wool

1.44 skeins = 1152m (1260yrd)

US 10 - 6.0 mm

31st Oct - 17th Nov 2012