owls by Kate Davies

Here is a jumper that I love, it fits me nicely, it’s toasty and warm and it’s the first jumper I ever knitted that fitted :) score!

It wasn’t the easiest knit, I think I reknit every part of it to make it fit apart from the owls in the yoke. I’m just a different shape to the designer, so I had to shape it to fit me. The arms were particularly difficult, I knit to the pattern and they were tricep sized by my elbow! So I had to change the increases so they were a lot later. I think this was the start of my love of grey. I always seem to be drawn to grey jumpers, tops, skirts. Although not pleated skirts like the hideous ones we had to wear at school!

Not sure whether to add eyes to the owls.

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Patons Australia Inca

20th Mar - 1st Apr 2011